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Izanami Forge Guide for Destiny 2

Some of the best weapons in Destiny 2 are in the Black Armory’s Forge. Bungie has hinted old content will be removed before Shadowkeep. Get in there and grab them before they’re gone. Like the first two Forges, you’ll have to complete a lengthy mission to locate the Izanami Forge. Destiny isn’t obvious in explaining how you get started. This Forge quest is much more involved than the missions to open the first two, Volundr and Gofannon. The objectives are clear, but what follows are some best practices to complete them with lest frustration and more speed. Unlocking the Izanami Forge will take you to Nessus, where you’ll fight all kinds of Vex enemies. You’ll also need to knock out several Public Events. Also few missions, and even a special version of a Strike that doesn’t include matchmaking. Get your Power level up to at least 630 in order to unlock the Izanami Forge, and possibly even higher. Also, assemble a Fireteam so you’ll have an easier time, although it is fully possible to do everything alone. Here’s how to unlock the Izanami Forge of The Black Armory and how best to get through all the steps. And check out a look at completing the Forge in action above. Get Some Vex To start the quest to access the Izanami Forge, you’ll want to head to Nessus. The quest seems to trigger when you kill Vex, much like the Gofannon Forge quest was started by killing Fallen. However, the seemingly most

Destiny 2 Prophecy Dungeon Guide

Destiny 2 Prophecy Dungeon Guide Have you ever wanted Destiny 2 to get weird? While playing with friends, have you ever told them that what Destiny needs is a little bit of trippiness?  If so, you and the over 100,000 people that play Destiny 2 every month are in luck. In the Season of Arrivals, things are starting stranger than ever before with the Prophecy Dungeon. In this new game mode, you and two other guardians will face several challenges in an attempt to get pinnacle rewards and find out more about the newly arrived pyramids. It’s the most unique of the Destiny 2 dungeons we’ve seen to date.  Are you ready to take a trip to the Realm of the IX? Check out our Destiny 2 Prophecy Dungeon guide today so that you can go into the newest Destiny 2 expansion, Beyond Light, with the best gear!  What is the Prophecy Dungeon?  When you first enter the dungeon, there’s a good chance that you’ll need a few minutes to get your bearings. The Tower map itself isn’t exactly clear; it only says that you’ll find out the nature of the Darkness.  The easiest way to describe the dungeon is that it’s a collection of bosses and encounters. Each of these requires a different strategy to succeed. These encounters aren’t what we’ve typically seen from Bungie in that the solutions aren’t always easy to figure out. You and your teammates will have to put some serious thought into each fight and puzzle to progress through the

The Ultimate Guide to Destiny 2:...

Even though Destiny 2 has been out since 2017, the game still logs over 100,000 players a day. Over the past several days, these players have gotten several updates from Bungie on the future of Destiny 2. First, we learned about the Beyond Light expansion that’s coming on Sept. 22. We also learned more about season 11, called the Season of Arrivals. While some players have found previous seasons disappointing, there’s reason to believe that season 11 will bring amazing changes that will set up Destiny for 2021 and beyond. What are the changes coming to season 11? What information can we gather from the new season’s roadmap? Here’s everything you need to know about the new season and what we know so far about the upcoming expansion. When is the Season of Arrivals? The new season started June 9th with the contact event on Io. This stage runs until July 7th, when the moments of triumph begin. From there, you’ll experience the prophecy dungeon and the solstice of heroes. The event runs from now until September 8th. You’ll also have the opportunity to earn pinnacle gear in mission interference and weekly events, and there’s more new content promised this season. Two weeks after the end of season 11, Beyond Light will become available. What will happen in those two weeks is anybody’s guess. What Is The Storyline For The Newest Season? In the base game, guardians discovered that black pyramids were ominously hanging around the outside of the solar system. Now, those pyramids have decided

How to Complete Garden of Salvat...

How to Complete Garden of Salvation Raid and Obtain the Divinity According to Raid Report, only 11% of all Destiny 2 players have ever completed a single raid. It’s time for you to join the exclusive club. The most recent addition to the raids of Destiny 2 is Garden of Salvation, a Vex-themed raid that was included with the Shadowkeep Expansion. Raids are 6-player cooperative missions that require high skill level and communication; these activities offer rewards that can be found nowhere else in the game. Destiny 2’s Garden of Salvation raid is quite the challenge to complete, but with this detailed guide, you’ll have a great chance to succeed and obtain the Divinity. Read on for our guide on how to complete the Destiny 2 Garden of Salvation raid and obtain the Divinity. Divinity The Divinity is an exotic trace rifle that can be earned by completing a quest and finishing the raid. This is quite a long quest, but it is worth it to get this extremely rare weapon that can decimate your opponents with a highly powerful laser. You can do the majority of this quest before completing the Garden of Salvation raid. To start the Divinity Key quest, you need to make your way to the Lunar Battlegrounds while in patrol on the Moon. In order to reach the Battlegrounds, you must go through the Alter of Sorrow and then go across a bridge opposite the Scarlet Keep entrance. Once there, you must make your way through a

Destiny 2: The Best Sniper Rifle...

The best sniper rifles in Destiny 2? Lets take a look. With over 40 different sniper rifles to choose from in Destiny 2, knowing which snipers are best for you is an important decision. Destiny 2’s Season of the Worthy is almost complete and the threats of the Darkness are as intense as ever. Bungie themselves have stated that a new war is coming and the Guardians of the Last City will need all of the best weapons possible to fight off this new threat. One of the best classes of weapons is the Sniper Rifle class and these weapons are essential in both Player vs Enemy (PvE) and Player vs Player (PvP) content. Read on to learn which sniper rifles are the best in the game. Best Sniper Rifles 101 In Destiny 2, the sniper rifles are some of the most reliable weapons with some of the highest damage in the game. The best Sniper rifles fill a niche role in dealing high damage with precision aiming. These weapons are extremely effective for taking down boss health bars in PvE content and can take out players in PvP in a single head-shot. Knowing which sniper to use in which situation is key to getting the most efficient use out of the Sniper Rifle class of weapons. As with all weapons, there are many different sniper rifles and while they all work basically the same, their minor differences can make a big change in your gameplay experience. Between different perks, mods, and stats,

Best Sidearms in the Game

There are over 50 different sidearms in the world of Destiny 2. Time to find out which one is right for you. The Season of the Worthy is in full swing in the world of Destiny 2. Now more than ever, it’s a good time to hone your skills and find your best weapons to fight off the darkness. The crew at Destiny Carries LFG has been noting the best weapons of each class during the Season of the Worthy and today, we’ll take a look at the little guns with big punches: the sidearms. When you venture into Season of the Worthy, make sure you have the best Destiny 2 Sidearms and Perks you possibly can. Read on for our complete guide on Destiny 2 sidearms. Understanding Sidearms An important concept to understand when determining which weapons to use in Destiny 2’s Season of the Worthy is where that class of weapons fit within the meta. Luckily, the Destiny 2 Sidearm class has always had a solid place in the meta throughout the years, making them one of the most reliable weapon classes in the game. Destiny 2 Sidearms fill a unique role in the game, as their primary use is to back up your main weapon. These weapons are especially useful in tight situations since their weapon swap speed is the highest of any class, especially with the Quickdraw perk. They also slot themselves as sort of a gap filler between Sub-Machine Guns and Shotguns, filling a close to mid-range role. Destiny 2

The Best Pulse Rifles in Destiny...

The Destiny 2 Season of Worthy has drawn in over 100,000 monthly users and Guardian Games is only keeping that number up. Many players have nicknamed the most recent Destiny 2 season as “Season of the Auto Rifles” due to the massive buffs and changes that Bungie made to the weapon class at the Launch of the Season of the Worthy. However, just because Auto Rifles are getting all the attention, that doesn’t mean you should sleep on the other weapon classes. In fact, we have the scoop on one of the most underrated, yet powerful, weapon classes in the game. Before you start your grind, read on to learn what the best Pulse Rifles are in Destiny 2 Season of Worthy meta, where to get them, and how. Pulse Rifles 101 Understanding where Pulse Rifles fit within the Destiny 2 meta is an important factor in determining where and when to use them, and which ones to use. The Pulse Rifle class in Destiny 2 Season of Worthy sits as a sort of bridge between the Auto Rifle and Scout Rifle classes: they hit harder than Auto Rifles, but fire slower. They also fire faster than Scout Rifles, but don’t dish out as much damage per shot. Knowing this can help you to determine when using the Pulse Rifle class is the best for whichever activity you want to grind. Another important aspect of using any Pulse Rifle is the tactics that you need to utilize while running Pulse Rifles. One of the most

Best Shotguns and Perks In Seaso...

With Season of the Worthy in the final two months, guardians are hard at work grinding to get the best rewards. A list of the best shotguns in Destiny 2 is in order! A lot is at stake this season, as guardians must work to save the Last City and repower Rasputin. There are also exclusive rewards, higher power levels, and amazing gear that you can earn in the process. Of course, getting those rewards and saving the Last City is difficult if you don’t have the best weapons for the job. There’s nothing quite as satisfying as a well-placed shotgun blast in Destiny 2. Read on to learn about the best Destiny 2 weapons, specifically shotguns, that can carry you through the Season of Worthy. The Chaperone Every shotgun in Destiny (and real-life) fire off a spread of small projectiles that causes extreme spread out damage. That spread makes them perfect for up-close combat, but sometimes you want to hit someone from far away. The Chaperone is a different type of shotgun that takes the precision slug perk because it fires one round that does massive damage. With this gun, you can hit an opponent clear across the battlefield. It’s a shotgun that works well for both PvE and PvP battles because of its high damage, incredible range, and rounds per minute. If you have this weapon in your arsenal, you’re going to be the most dangerous guardian in any situation. It could even help you go flawless in the Trials

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