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Season of the Drifter Pinnacle W...

Three new pinnacle weapons are coming to Destiny 2: Season of the Drifter. On the site for the new season, Bungie teased details about three new Season of the Drifter Pinnacle weapons tied to strikes, the Crucible, and Gambit. Pinnacle weapons are guns with unique perks built for certain activities. Like the previous season’s pinnacle weapons, acquiring these guns will require lengthy quest lines and mastery of the given activity. The quests will be available to all players. Oxygen SR3 The Vanguard pinnacle weapon is the Oxygen SR3, and it looks to be a Omolon scout rifle. It comes with the perk Dragonfly, which causes precision kills to create an explosion. However, a unique perk on the gun makes Dragonfly deal more damage based on the number of headshots a player lands before the explosion. Bungie hasn’t detailed the quest yet, but the previous Vanguard quest asked players to get kills with a specific weapon type and complete strikes. Expect the Oxygen SR3 quest to be similar. The Recluse The Crucible pinnacle weapon is The Recluse, and looks to be a Veist submachine gun. This gun has a unique version of the Rampage perk, which usually increases weapon damage after a kill. With The Recluse, kills with any weapon increase The Recluse’s damage for a brief time. Crucible pinnacle weapons are usually the hardest to get, and involve reaching the rank of Fabled in the competitive playlist. It’s unclear if that’ll be the objective for this season, but it’s a safe bet. 21%

Destiny 2 Boosting Services

What is Destiny 2 Boosting Service? Destiny 2 boosting is a service, where a Destiny 2 expert or professional player helps other player to achieve a desired goals in game or activity. Some items in the game of Destiny 2 can be hard to achieve or players don’t have the team or time to complete it. Players in Destiny that need a little help will hire the help of a expert or professional to complete an activities in Destiny 2 other wise know as Destiny 2 Boosting Service. Destiny 2 Boosting Services Destiny 2 Boosting Services offered by Destiny Carries LFG are number 1 for providing some of the best and most reliable boosting services in the realm of Destiny 2. You can get challenges, weapon quests, bounties, and even Triumph Seals all taken care of through our boosting services. If you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed by the options, take a look at the synopsis of what we offer and go from there. Destiny 2 Boosting Services for Triumph Seals Destiny Carries LFG are currently offering boosting services for Triumph Seals, helping Guardians everywhere gain the elite status they are aiming for. One of the more common Triumph Seals is the Enlightened One. This comes with a long list of required tasks to obtain, though. With our boosting services, you can select and choose the ones you feel you need the most help with, leaving the rest to you complete. This lets players customize their orders to their actual needs, meaning you’re

Preparing for Shadowkeep

PREPARING FOR SHADOWKEEP Preparing for Shadowkeep with Destiny 2’s new Shadowkeep expansion only two weeks away, there’s a lot to prepare yourself for before the beginning of season 8. Between the weapons, armor, class changes, stat alterations, and the shifts in buffs and nerfs- the challenge to be ready is ever present. There is a discussion about what this massive change in content means for the entirety of Destiny 2. Is Destiny 3 out of the picture now? Does Bungie have a game plan with the recycled material? Why so much focus on character creation? These are all questions I feel I’ve asked a few too many times, and now have found the answer’s to. If you’re wondering about the future of Destiny and how to prepare for it, let’s get started. PREPARING FOR SHADOWKEEP WEAPONS YOU WANT Quite a few new weapons are releasing’s for the Destiny 2’s latest expansion Shadowkeep. With the range of options in class and style, combined with the altering of stats and buffs, there is a lot to prepare for to ensure you have the right guns for the release. Exotic and legendary weapons are all moving progressively with Shadowkeep, and it’s something that affects each Guardian a little differently. Preparing for Shadowkeep when looking into these weapons and perks that are attached to them, it should be propelling a personal question of direction, in terms of characterization. What types of guns are a better fit for this new terrain? How is your signature

Bungie Takes the Meta with Shado...

What to Expect: Shadowkeep Weapons, Armor 2.0, and Everything in Between.  A lot is going on in the world of Bungie as they tackle the final hurdles ahead with Shadowkeep on the countdown to release. Producers are overwhelmed with excitement to see the reactions from players after intaking their new content firsthand come October 1st and the weeks to follow. In the ViDoc there’s nothing but encouragement and anticipation from the team at headquarters over what Shadowkeep has to offer.  I can’t help but wonder how much still is to be discovered, not yet discussed come the first as there is so much available to preview just right now. Either way though, it’s releasing from the backbone of it all, so it’s something to hold onto in the meantime. My thought is that to analyze what we have thus far into the descension of this expansion due date its safest to start by dishing out the so far talked about Exotic weapons and armor pieces. We’ll also go over the buff changes and nerf adds to weapon classes, what sort of perks are receiving updates and the general idea behind the direction of the directors. Suit up! Exotic Armor Leaks There are only a few leaks so far for the new armor included in Shadowkeep’s armor update titled Shadowkeep Armor 2.0. It can be expected in these next few weeks to see a new item or two for this section, as players have been ranting online asking for more. What

Double Infamy Event Destiny 2 Ga...

Double Infamy Event offered for Destiny 2 Gambit. Destiny 2’s Forsaken expansion added Gambit to the game approximately eight months ago. Destiny 2’s Joker’s Wild is the current and Gambit-focused Season Pass DLC. It was released about eight weeks go and is one of the last seasons that has been defined by Bungie’s Road map. Is getting double Infamy events for Gambit. Bungie announced today, Gambit matches – presumably both regular Gambit and Gambit Prime – will yield double Infamy from May 7 through May 14, 2019. This will make it much easier to earn ranks and loot, whether you’re grinding out resets or working on the Reckoner triumph. This is the first time in the game mode’s long history that double Infamy has been offered for Gambit .  Double Infamy Event this week and Triple soon. This kind of event would’ve been way more exciting at the start of Joker’s Wild. It’s still a welcome addition to Destiny 2’s event rotation. That’s really the exciting part. Yes, we’re getting double Infamy this week, but more importantly, we’ll also see more double Infamy weeks in the future. Bungie regularly rolls out bonus XP weeks, often alongside other events and updates. Like double Glory running at the same time as Iron Banner – but Gambit was always left out in the cold.  The Drifter can join in on the fun and dish out Gambit’s double Infamy event any time Gambit gets any major new content or changes. Or just because he feels

Arbalest Exotic Linear Fusion Ri...

The Arbalest Destiny 2 new powerful Exotic Kinetic Linear Fusion Rifle that should perfect match for players looking to break through enemy shields. The most sought-after items in Destiny 2 are certainly the game’s exotic weapons, and among those exotic weapons is a Linear Fusion rifle known as Arbalest. This exotic weapon delivers Kinetic damage, and its Compounding Force perk makes it a great choice for players hoping to take down foes with elemental shields. Learning how to find the Arbalest in Destiny 2 is one thing, but knowing how to use it is another. Keep reading to learn all the most critical details of the Arbalest exotic rifle in Destiny 2. Exotic Kinetic Linear Fusion Rifle Intrinsic perks and abilities Compounding Force – Fires slugs that cause massive damage to elemental shields of enemy combatants. Disruption Break – Breaking an enemy’s shield with this weapon makes them more vulnerable to Kinetic damage for a brief period. Thanks to the crew over at, we know more about the Arbalest’s base weapon stats including its capabilities with regard to hidden statistics like zoom and recoil direction. Here are the full details: Impact: 41 Range: 47 Stability: 59 Handling: 38 Charge Time: 533 Magazine: 5 Aim Assistance: 61 Recoil Direction: 77 Weapon Size: 34 Zoom: 25 How to get the Exotic Fusion Rifle in Destiny 2 The Revelry brings the Arbalest Exotic to Destiny 2 next week April 16, 2019. The new Exotic kinetic fusion rifle called Arbalest is also joining the lineup through

Destiny 2 Major Updates Deploy a...

Destiny 2 Major Updates Super Changes, Big Subclass Changes, New Exotic Catalysts, and so much more. Bungie has confirmed players that the Crucible changes are on the radar. Bungie has been outlining the quality of life updates coming in Destiny 2 update 2.2.1 for weeks, but it only recently revealed some of the sandbox changes and new rewards coming in the update. In a new blog post, the studio also confirmed that the long-awaited update will arrive Tuesday, April 9. Here’s everything we know about the upcoming 2.2.1 Destiny 2 patch notes. Subclass changes  As part of the Arc Week event, which will also start on April 9, Bungie is buffing arc subclasses across the board, and tweaking a few others in the process. Here are all the changes we know of: Titan – bottom tree Striker:    Frontal Assault: now increases all weapon damage (25% in PvE and 20% in PvP). Duration increased from ten seconds to 16.   Knockout: melee damage bonus increased from 25% to 60%. This will now trigger once you deal 60% damage to a target and refresh on further damage. Buff duration increased from three seconds to five, and you won’t lose the buff after one melee.   Hunter – top tree Arcstrider:   Combination Blow: bonus melee damage can now be stacked three times. Each stack gives 60% bonus melee damage in PvE and 22.7% bonus melee damage in PvP (up from one stack of 50%). Combination Blow kills will now instantly heal for 40

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